It's finally happening! After many years of research and planning, I'm ecstatic to say that I'm officially permanently emigrating to Canada.

Canadian Flag (Hermes Rivera).jpg

2-3 years ago, I decided that, while I had family and friends in South Africa, and a lot of what I was used to was there, I wanted something else for a change. After much research, I set my sights on Canada, a country known for welcoming skilled economic immigrants from all over the world, and having a strong, diverse economy.

I was happy with my choice, and I even found out my two closest friends were keen to move to Canada too. I am truly lucky! I completed my Master's degree, gained some more years of full-time experience, built up a small work network of people already in Canada, and began spring cleaning so I could travel light.

After submitting my Express Entry application, the wait began. And boy, has it been a wait. With COVID delaying processing, many application timelines were extended. But, this has proven to be a valuable opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, and visit some old, but still beautiful sightseeing spots in Cape Town before leaving.

Update (June 20, 2022): I've arrived in my new home city of Edmonton, Alberta! I'm officially a permanent Prairies resident now. So proud! The most important activity now is resting. But then I'm really excited to explore my new city.

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