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Introductory Video





I made this video to introduce myself and what you can find on this website.

Training Videos




In this live webinar, recorded in April 2020, I walk attendees from around the world through the process Relocation Africa has taken to innovate in the mobility and immigration industries by using technology. I discuss various elements of the Integrated Program I helped launch from the head office, which is now in use for services provided across Africa.




In this training video, recorded in April 2020, I walk Consultants at Relocation Africa through training for the RentalMagic tool, as part of the Relocation Online portal.




In this training video, recorded in June 2020, I present a live webinar to all team members at Relocation Africa, teaching them about various social media channels on offer, the value of social media, how to create accounts on various channels, and how to engage with companies on social media.






In this interview, recorded in August 2020, I spoke with my colleague about the Moroccan immigration landscape.




In this interview, recorded in July 2020, I chatted with MyResidence's Adam Kane-Smith about the African temporary accommodation property market, and how MyResidence positions itself.



In this interview, recorded in July 2020, I interviewed Rolf Lamers, owner and Managing Director of Kings International Removers, about the process of moving overseas.

Topics covered in this video include commonly used terms in the move space; moving timelines; tracking; insurance; moving with pets; moving valuable goods; taking your car overseas; and working together to make moving more enjoyable for all involved.