I hope to answer some of your possible questions here

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my greatest strengths?

Tactfulness: I believe tact is extremely important. Knowing when and how to put my thoughts into words has been immensely helpful in building my career and growing relationships. For me, this also involves having strong communication skills - knowing when to be concise, when to explain something at length, and how to diplomatically navigate various styles of communication in different settings. Life - and therefore the workplace - is filled with so many different kinds of people, and it's important to be able to interact with each one in a unique and respectful way, so that everyone feels valued. It's not always easy, but it's definitely fruitful.

Adaptability: Through my years of full-time work experience, I've needed to remain on my toes, and to be able to adjust according to changing industry outlooks, changing workplace conditions (such as new colleagues and new software systems), and changing goals. I'm not one to complain when things need to change course, and I'm quick to learn and take ownership of something new. This has resulted in my being appointed the lead for the rolling-out of certain changes in the workplace, and even being able to teach colleagues to get them up to speed with new processes.

Optimism: For as long as I can remember, I've always had a positive outlook on life in general. No matter the situation I find myself in - even if it seems unbelievably daunting - I enjoy having the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To be able to find a positive outcome to look forward to. And to be able to reassure myself that putting in the effort will be worth it in the long-run. It's easy for me to remain self-motivated. Having an optimistic outlook both in the workplace and in my personal life allows me to avoid dwelling on the past, avoid harboring regrets, and to constantly look forward to what's to come.

Level-headedness: One of my colleagues once complimented by ability to remain calm amidst the chaos. And even to make others feel that way too. It's some of the best feedback I've ever received, and I believe it to be true. I find it easy to remain level-headed in times of stress, and use that nature to help those around me get there too. As valid as our emotions are, sometimes we just have to maintain a clear mind and push forward with what needs to be done.

Helpfulness: I take pride in being readily available to help others. In the workplace, I've developed a reputation for being the one who can be relied on to find time to take a look at your problem. No matter whether it's something as complicated as deciding between two conflicting research strategies, or as straightforward as fixing the downstairs printer or reformatting your Excel sheet, I like making myself available to help others figure things out. And I believe that the empathetic nature that's at the core of who I am as a person drives me to continue to do so.

What are my career ambitions?

I made some career changes in 2022, and at this point, I intend to continue to form strong connections through networking. I'm open to volunteer positions.

Why did I decide to emigrate to Canada?

I saw emigrating to Canada as a fantastic opportunity to move to a country with more room to learn and grow. I took note of Canada's stronger economy, and larger professional and personal networks, and set my sights on emigrating to Canada a number of years ago, as I believed I would have a better opportunity to progress in my career. I then worked to satisfy the entry requirements through work experience and gaining a Master's degree. The day I was accepted for Permanent Residency, and the day I arrived in the country for the first time, were two of the happiest in my life.

What motivates me?

Many things! For one, the people I surround myself with. I love learning what makes people tick, and which things I do that make them smile. One of my biggest motivators in life is leaving behind a positive impact on those close to me.

I'm also very motivated by the quest for knowledge. I enjoy gaining new skills, as well as imparting that knowledge unto others whenever needed. Success can mean many different things to many different people, and I hope this gives you an idea of what it means to me.

What's my favorite pastime?

I thoroughly enjoy being in nature. Whether it's a walk along a beach, a hike in a forest, or just walking a dog in my own neighborhood, I find it easy to relax outdoors, recenter myself, and gain the clarity I need to tackle any new challenges that arise in my life. Sometimes I take a few photos too.

I'm also an avid gardener. That ties nicely into the nature interest. On the weekends, you can often find me kneeling in one of my flower beds, or browsing around my local garden center.

What's a fun fact about me?

I'll give you three. The first is that my number one future vacation destination is Japan. I've never been, and have been wanting to visit for years. I even know some people who'd be keen to join, so I might not have to go alone.

The second is that I've never had an operation. And I hope it remains that way! The most injured I've been is a hairline fracture to my wrist in elementary school that required a cast for a few weeks.

The third is that I'm very into tech. I follow a number of tech blogs and YouTube channels so that I can keep up-to-date with the latest releases, developments, and continue to learn about a hobby I've had for as long as I can remember. I've built numerous PCs over the years for myself and my friends as a result.