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    Below is an overview of my hard and soft skills


Executive Assistance
Office Management

Soft Skills

Being an expert in a particular field is great, but the ability to work effectively with colleagues and clients is paramount. These soft skills are part of my personality, and allow me to fit in anywhere.

It's extremely important to me that I remain true to my morals of being honest and trustworthy. If I've said something, I meant it. If I've committed, I'll stick to it. Those things shouldn't change depending on the environment I find myself in, because they're at the core of what makes me who I am. And just as I know that, it's important for others to see it too. Whenever I've received feedback that I've acted in a sincere and fair manner, I know I'm sticking to the right path.

I'm lucky that I know myself well, and maintain control of my emotions, regardless of which end of the spectrum they may fall. This has proven highly important in stressful situations in the workplace. EI also involves taking cues from those around me, practicing empathy on a daily basis, and knowing how and when to lend a hand and when to focus inwards. 

Having strong communication skills and continuously keeping diplomacy in mind has aided my career growth immensely. I know I can rely on my interpersonal skills to effectively form and grow new relationships with colleagues and clients. These days, networking is vital, and whether it's through speech or the written word, through actions or general demeanor, I believe I have the communication skills to allow me to fit in easily in any environment.

There have been, and most likely will continue to be, many changes in both my personal and professional life that have required me to adapt and grow. Being able to pivot comfortably in the face of new surroundings, new projects, new methodologies, new colleagues and clients, and new external forces, is a necessity. I have a plethora of examples wherein I've successfully embraced change, viewed it as a learning experience, and come out stronger on the other end.

I find it just as easy and enjoyable to work alone as I do as part of a team. There are benefits to both, and I'm happy and fulfilled either way. I've had just as much success thus far in environments where I've needed to work with closely colleagues, share ideas, and come to solutions together, as I have in spaces where I've been somewhat of an island, and needed to be self-motivated, highly organized, and take ownership of all of my own responsibilities.

Being organized and managing my time well are the very nature of what my previous roles have required. I've fortunately always found it easy to juggle a variety of different tasks simultaneously, prioritize and re-prioritize as needed, and keep a solid record of my contributions. 

I've always put open-mindedness high on my list of ways to describe myself, and for good reason. The world is full of so  many different kinds of people, and there are so many opportunities for learning and personal growth. By being open to and interested in all personalities, regardless of how similar they are to my own, I allow myself to reflect on who I am, and how I can improve. We never know who our next colleague or client will be, nor do we know what their story or history is. Everything's so globalized these days, and I enjoy being able to appreciate the differences in those around me while still remaining true to myself.

One of my colleagues once complimented by ability to remain calm amidst the chaos. And even to make others feel that way too. It's some of the best feedback I've ever received, and I believe it to be true. I find it easy to remain patient and calm in times of stress, and use that nature to help those around me get there too. As valid as our emotions are, sometimes we just have to maintain a clear mind, exercise patience, and push forward with what needs to be done.

There have been numerous times during the course of my career thus far that I've had to step up and take the lead on a project. These instances not only involved my needing to execute the vision through delegation and effective management, but also involved needing to bring together many different colleagues and suppliers who often had very different views and communication styles. Ultimately, these opportunities have helped me grow in leadership roles, and have helped me learn when to take the reins, when to step back, and how to inspire in order to get the job done.

I'm fortunate in being able to say I have a high natural level of confidence, am able to project my voice well, and don't shy away from public speaking. I've thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities I've had thus far to conduct training and facilitate presentations. Whether it's representing the company at an exhibition stand, delivering a brief to a partner, hosting a live webinar on a new business development, or conducting a training session with colleagues as part of a roll-out I'm leading, I enjoy teaching and helping others.


Feel free to watch some examples of the training videos I made on my videos page.

Hard Skills

These hard skills provide the backbone of performing administration, PA, and marketing duties. They have been developed over time, through university degrees, online courses, and on-the-job training.

Thus far, I have over 5 years of experience serving as an Executive Assistant to Presidents and business owners. First to the President of a relocation and immigration company, and then to owners of a home décor business. My tasks, for both their professional and personal lives, included calendar management, international travel arrangements, budgeting, record-keeping, drafting official communications, screening calls and emails, organizing meetings, minute-taking, conducting research, and performing general admin duties. I also represented these individuals on calls and led meetings as needed, when they were unavailable.

Over the past few years in the workplace, I have become accustomed to performing myriad general administrative tasks around the office. These include admin as part of my marketing roles, admin on behalf of a Managing Director in an Executive Assistant role, providing recruitment and training support to HR, and assisting colleagues with general admin.

With my passion for technology, I have build up considerable computer skills over the years, on both the hardware and software sides. As such, I'm able to troubleshoot problems for myself and my colleagues easily. The tech skills section below details the software suites I have practical experience with. My average typing speed is around 90 words per minute.

I hold a Master of Business Science from the University of Cape Town, and have a strong theoretical knowledge of the field. I have thoroughly enjoyed the research that my 6 years of tertiary studies has involved.

I have a strong command of the English language, as well as a deep respect for the power of effective communication in the workplace. All of my work experience and studies have been conducted in English, my first language, and I have Afrikaans comprehension skills as a second language.

I have experience with proofreading corporate documents including new client pitches, existing client project briefs, promotional material for conferences, digital brochures, blog articles, social media posts, scripts for videos, as well as emails on behalf of managment team members. Furthermore, I have experience transcribing both English and Afrikaans audio in a variety of accents.

I am adept at managing websites through content management systems, including WordPress, Concrete5, and Shopstar. I have experience with cPanel as a web hosting control panel, and have worked with a multitude of plugins and third-party dashboards over the years, including WooCommerce, Google Analytics, Yoast SEO, FileBird, MailChimp, and UpDraft.

Themes I have used include Elementor, Replica, Hestia, and DIVI. I have a foundational knowledge of HTML, and have developed and designed multiple websites. In my most recent position, I managed the blog, and published over 500 industry-related articles. I also increased the company's average monthly website visitors by over 200%.

On the newsletter front, I have experience working with MailChimp, and was in charge of putting together and sending my most recent company's divisional newsletters each month.

I have worked extensively with SurveyMonkey and Google Forms to create, send, and collate data from surveys of various kinds, including customer feedback, staff engagement, and research surveys.

On the design front, I have extensive designing client presentations, as well as promotional material for both online and print, such as digital brochures, leaflets, and business cards. This involved working with both an internal team and external suppliers. I have used, among others, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Calibre, iBooks Author, Canva, and Paint.net.

For video editing, I have experience with VSDC, iMovie, and Lightworks, and have scripted, filmed, and edited a wide variety of videos for advertisements and for use on YouTube, including interviews, webinars, and training videos. For webinars, I have also managed numerous live WebinarJam events for a global audience.

I have both launched and managed corporate social media accounts across numerous platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Google My Business, and Snapchat. In my most recent role, I grew the company's overall social following by 85%.

I also have experience with using Zendesk as a customer relationship management system.

Tech Platforms

I have gained experience spanning a multitide of modern software suites and apps - many of which I've rolled out in the workplace - and I'm more than comfortable adapting to new ones.

Office suites

Microsoft Office & 365, G Suite (Google Workspace), WPS Office

Calendar management

Google Calendar, Outlook/Office 365, Calendly, Whova, Any.do

Work management Asana, Basecamp, SimplePay, Xero
Communication Slack, Outlook, Meet, Hangouts, Teams, Zoom
Operating systems Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Website development

WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, MemberClicks, cPanel, ConcreteCMS

Email marketing and newsletter management

MailChimp, TouchBasePro
Survey design SurveyMonkey, Google Forms

Customer relationship management

Zendesk, Skynamo
Webinars WebinarJam, Zoom
Travel management Vamoos, Relocation Online
Social media management

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,
Google My Business, Sendible

Video editing

VSDC, iMovie, Lightworks

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, DxO PhotoLabs, Calibre, iBooks Author, Canva, Paint.net